The Squad Recruitment method is built around our core values. We approach our clients directly and transparently. This way we can find the best possible candidates and sharply analyse their integrity.

A brief summary of the method:



The hiring manager tells us what he/she needs which is usually documented. However, we prefer verbal communication to be able to ask pertinent questions. The objective is to promote a clear outline of the ideal candidate.


First impressions

Within two weeks we analyse with our clients whether we are providing the correct profile of candidates. This way we prevent any unpleasant situations later on in the process.



We use all available channels to find as many suitable candidates as possible. Our goal is to invite an average of 10 to 12 suitable candidates for an interview.



To ensure we have selected suitable candidates we conduct interviews of about 90 minutes where the candidate can tell us their story. We direct the conversation in order to find specific qualities. Together with the candidate a discussion ensues about the position. During the entire interview we observe the candidate’s behaviour and note certain characteristics.


Reference Check

This is carried out using the contacts provided by the candidate, however we reserve the right to make further inquiries if necessary.



After completing interviews with 10 to 12 applicants, we will make a final selection of the 3 to 4 most suitable candidates we feel meet the wishes and requirements of our clients.


Introduction to customer

The introduction is preferably carried out in a meeting where the hiring manager, HR manager and ourselves are present. The introduction will be accompanied by a document including all relevant details.


Our recruitment process usually takes about six weeks to complete, but this is dependent on agendas, demands and the wishes of our clients. Squad Recruitment will guide the process until the moment a candidate signs an employment contract.